Personal training is… personal. It is all about YOU and YOUR GOALS.

Before we begin, you will go through the “intake” process in which we will have a couple conversations about what it is that YOU want to get out of personal training, you’ll fill out a couple intake forms so that I can continue to get to know you and your goals and then we will devise a plan.

Workouts and a meal plan will then be crafted to fit your individual needs! It is suggested that we meet at least 3 times a week in order to see optimum results however smaller packages are available ☺

In-person personal training takes place at 865 Whitney Drive in Lapeer, MI and unlike many other gyms there is NO additional membership fee outside of your personal training membership.


The Way it Works:

You will get set up with a personal folder on google docs and this will be the portable that we use to communicate the majority of documentation..

(If you don't have an email that you use to access google drive, go to and press on the 9 square ellipses in the upper right hand corner. Press”My Drive” and if you do not already have a Gmail email address, you can register any email address to use with it.)

I use the google drive folder to distribute meal plans, workouts, house measurements, food logs and any additional notes/resources that you'll need throughout the duration of your training.

You will start off with a meal plan that can be adjusted/modified at any time depending on how your body is responding and we typically assess the status of the plan on a weekly basis.

You will also start off with a set of workouts that are catered towards your goals and the equipment that you have access to at the gym or at home.

At the end of each week you will get a new set of workouts or, depending on your progress and your goals, some workouts may be repeated for Every Saturday/Sunday we will have “formal” check-ins via phone or video call.

By 12:00PM each Saturday there are a couple things that will need to be completed in order for us to have our formal check in:

Within your google drive folder, there will be a document titled “Check in Calendar” that you will use to track what workouts are done each day and the amount of time that they took. You will  also use the calendar to record weight each Saturday as well.

Each week you will be taking 3 progress pictures (front, side, back) and upload them to your folder. *This step may not be required depending on unique goals. Pictures are NEVER shared without consent.*

Each week you will print off the workouts assigned for that week and record the weight that was used (if you don't have access to a printer, you can update the workouts on your computer and re-upload them that way as well). **There are videos for every exercise available on the Nell Nation YouTube channel.

Depending on the type of meal plan that you have you may be required to record your food each day as well. This again depends on each person individually.

In my opinion, education is just as important as progress & success. Throughout each week you will have the ability to record any "non-pressing" questions that you have on your open items list and we will go over them when we have our check in. During the week, you have access to me on my cell and can ask me any questions that way as well - I just ask that any questions that can be saved for our formal check in are saved for that time as a time-saver :)

Questions that should be texted are any questions on workouts your during that day or for example "I ran out of this food, what can I substitute?"

Again, all documents are uploaded and completed by 12:00 PM on Saturday so that I can have time to review and create any adjustments for the next week and depending on availability, we will either have a phone call Saturday evening or Sunday during the day :)

And that's online training in a nutshell!

If you are interested in online training, I can get you set up with your google drive folder and the "intake process" will take about a week and a half for the forms to be properly filled out and is not something that is included in your first month - you DON'T pay for the intake process :)

Please email any additional questions to

How much does personal training cost?